My Fellow Americans, Welcome to Fantasy Congress!

Published: June 2, 2018

The wait is over and we are so excited to share with everyone details about the internet’s newest fantasy sensation!

First and foremost, have you created an account yet? In order to play Fantasy Congress you will need an account with us. It takes seconds to sign up and is totally free. Head on over to the sign up page to get started.

Speaking of getting started, check out our How to Play walk through for what to do after you’ve created an account. If you’ve played fantasy sports, the structure of Fantasy Congress should feel familiar. If you’ve never played fantasy sports before, don’t sweat it. Fantasy Congress is intended to be fun for all levels. We tried to cover the basics in our How to Play instructions, but if we forgot something, let us know by contacting us.

We’ve also put together a list of trusty resources to help familiarize you with the current political landscape. It’s a whole new ball game folks. That means it’s never too early to get to know key players and start building a strategy for victory. Check out these sites for information about the 2018 congressional candidates and the election process in general:

We’ll continue to post more updates and helpful hints for the game on this blog. Be sure to follow our social accounts so you don’t miss anything important.

Best of luck in the coming season!