How to Add and Drop Candidates

Published: October 4, 2018

Didn’t draft your dream team? Don’t worry, there’s still time to change!

Once a league has finished drafting, players can add and drop candidates from their teams at will. There’s no limit on how many times you can change your roster and teams can have up to 15 candidates at a time. However, line ups will be locked by end of the day on November 5th. Be sure to get all your changes in before hand!

Add Candidate

Everything you need to know about a candidate can be seen on the individual candidate’s page. Click a candidate’s name to view their page. The first section of the page contains information about the candidate’s availability. If you own the candidate, a blue “Drop” button will be shown. If the candidate is owned by another team, a link to that team will be displayed. If the candidate is available, you will see a red “Add” button. The “Add” button will be faded and disabled if your team contains the max number of candidates. If your team is full, you must drop a candidate before you can add a new one.

Candidates Link

Availability is only displayed when you navigate to the candidate through an individual league. To do this, click on a league from your dashboard. Then, in the right hand side of the navigation bar, choose “Candidates”.

Adding and dropping candidates at random won’t be enough to take you to the top. Some candidates are better than others. Here are two tips to help you make the best picks possible:

  • Is there a big story developing in the news? Look for candidates that might be involved. We saw Dianne Feinstein go up 60% in the past two weeks based off the Kavanaugh hearings alone!
  • Uncontested candidates, or candidates that have no one running against them, should expect to receive close to 100% of the vote. This means they are likely to gain 200+ points from the election. Often, these candidates are not out raising money or making a lot of news, since their race is pretty much in the bag. While it might take a little research to figure out who these candidates are, consider them the “sleepers” of Fantasy Congress.