Announcing the 2019 Season

Published: November 13, 2018

Congratulations to all our winners! Regardless of the outcome we hope everyone had fun this year. And with all the excitement of this season, we’re looking forward to the next.

“Put me in coach!”

“I would LOVE to play this with my friends!”

“As an AP Government teacher, I was really excited to discover Fantasy Congress—especially in this midterm election year.”

“Thank you for doing this!!”

We loved hearing everyone’s enthusiasm for the debut of Fantasy Congress this year. Safe to say, we think it was a massive success. But democracy doesn’t end with elections. And here at Fantasy Congress HQ we realized that much like our country, there’s still work to do.

That’s why in 2019 we’re launching a new version of Fantasy Congress. Similar to how this past season rewarded individuals for being competitive candidates, our next season will reward politicians for being effective legislators. We already have some ideas of how to measure this, but we’d also love to hear your ideas on what makes a member of congress effective.

Join the 116th congress for 100x the fun next year when we launch Fantasy Congress 2.0! If you don’t already have a Fantasy Congress account, be sure to sign up here for updates and a discount regarding our spring launch.

See you on the hill!