All About the Draft

Published: August 9, 2018

The season is upon us and it’s time to draft candidates for your team. We’ve put together a guide for what to expect and tips for having the best Fantasy Congress draft possible.

On the day of a draft, a red button with the text “Go to Draft” will appear on the league’s page. This button will take you to the draft application. During the draft, players will take turns picking candidates for their team. Each player gets one minute to make their pick. If a player has not submitted a pick by the end of their turn, the application will assign them a candidate and start the next turn. Each player gets a total of 15 picks. Initial draft order is random and after each player has made their first pick, the app will reverse the order for the second round of picks. This is called a “snake draft” and the app will continue reversing the draft order each round for the remainder of the draft.

This is what the app will look like during a draft:

Full Draft

At the top of the page, you’ll see the section titled “Currently Drafting.” This section tells you whose turn it currently is to make a pick and how much time they have left. Directly below this information are the words “up next” and a list of names. This section shows you who is next in line to draft, starting from the left. The username in bold will be the next to draft. The person to the right of the bolded player will be after them, and so on.

The section below “Currently Drafting” contains information about candidates you can draft for your team. During your turn, you will click on a candidate to select them. Then, confirm your pick by clicking “yes” in the black box below the candidate window (this box is only shown during your turn). Use the filters section to narrow the list of shown candidates to a certain subset. You can clear applied filters by making the field blank and clicking “Go.”

Draft Pick

When candidates are added to your team, they will appear in the team section on the right side of the page.

Once the draft has finished, the app will disappear and a message will show letting you know the draft is over. At this point you can return to the league page to see how your team stacks up against the competition!

Some additional advice we strongly suggest you follow:

  • Use the latest, most up to date version of your browser.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection and do not draft on mobile.
  • Draft times are always shown in Eastern Time (EDT). Be sure to confirm when your draft will start according to your local timezone.

Also, we have decided to change our policy with leagues that have less than 3 registered teams. Originally we said these leagues would be removed at the time of drafting. Instead, if your league does not have the minimum of 3 registered teams, the draft will not occur. Therefore you have time to reschedule and round up more players.

Best of luck and happy drafting!