2018 Candidates Are Now Live

Published: July 8, 2018

We hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July. So let’s keep the fun times rolling with some fantastic news from Fantasy Congress: You can now view candidates and their rankings for the 2018 season!

Logging into Fantasy Congress, you will notice a new section in your dashboard titled “Top Candidates”. The Top Candidates widget displays the three highest valued candidates in our system. It also shows you a candidate’s total points, and clicking their name will take you to an in-depth view of the candidate’s stats. To see a full list of available Fantasy Congress candidates, click the “View All” button at the bottom of the widget. If you belong to a league, you can also see the full list by visiting the league landing page and clicking “Candidates” in the navigation bar.

Top Candidates

Currently our system contains over 500 individual Democratic and Republican candidates running for congress. As more states hold primary elections, more candidates will be added to Fantasy Congress.

With so many people running for congress, it can be difficult to assess who you want on your team. We recommend using the filters on the Candidates page (the page you land on by clicking “View All” from the widget or “Candidates” from a league page) to sort them into smaller, easily managed groups. You can filter by state, office, or search by name. You can also view candidates by ascending or descending order when you click a heading at the top of the candidate list. For example, clicking the “Name” heading would automatically display candidates in alphabetical order, clicking it again would list them in reverse alphabetical order. To clear the filters, refresh the page.

Top Candidates

Clicking the name of a candidate will take you to their individual page. These pages contain more in-depth information about the candidate such as their website and various social media, the seat they are running for, and a break down of the points they have gained. Remember, candidates acquire points based on three categories: the money they raise, how often they are mentioned in the media, and the percentage of the vote they earn. Each category has it’s own section on a candidate’s individual page for deeper analysis.

Top Candidates

At the moment, candidates are only acquiring points based on total money raised. Points for media mentions will begin accruing at the start of the season on September 4th. And of course, points for votes will be calculated after the midterm election on November 6th. For money raised, candidates get one point for every $100,000 and for every $50,000 or more we round up. This means a candidate that has raised $275,000 would be worth three points, while a candidate with $230,000 would be worth two points.

Now that we have a list of available candidate’s up, we’ve added information about the points system to our About page. Make sure you checkout the Points Distribution section to understand how candidates acquire points. And be sure to continue checking our blog or follow us on social media for more information about game updates, how to play, and helpful hints.